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Upcoming Events

Harding University
Category: IRSM English Events
Starts at: 25 Sep, 2016 TO 28 Sep, 2016 (all-day)

Women’s Ministry Track, Wednesday morning, two classes:

Hispanic Sisters and Latina Friends - How to reach a growing community
According to 2015 statistics, there are over 41 million native Spanish-speakers in the U.S. and an additional 11.6 million who are bilingual, many of whom are the children of Spanish-speaking immigrants. In this class, Michelle will explore various multi-lingual and multi-cultural considerations for our churches, our women’s ministries, and ourselves.

Crossing Borders and Crossing Pews
Whether you long to be better equipped for a mission trip to Latin America, or hope to reach the Spanish-speaking members in your community, Michelle will share some helpful insights and resources from her experience in missions, church-planting, and women’s ministry in English- and Spanish-speaking contexts.


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