Human and Holy
Bible Study for Women


Through this 13-week small group Bible study, we'll discuss Jesus and His example of how to live as Human AND Holy – set apart to live a holy life, with human nature, but not according to sinful nature.

There’s freedom in understanding the distinction between human nature and sinful nature – not a freedom to sin (Romans 6:1), but a freedom to be all that God calls us to be.

Human AND Holy is the first of many Iron Rose Sister Ministries Bible Studies.

"What I loved about Human AND Holy was that it wasn't intimidating.  I really connected with the conversational style of the studies." ~ Christa Duve, young professional

"Human AND Holy gave me a fresh perspective that I never realized on verses I've read or studied in the past, as well as the opportunity to discuss topics that we sometimes avoid, but always face as women." ~ Maryellen Anderson, working mother of two

"Human AND Holy serves to remind us all we are not alone in our humanness, nor in our pursuit of holiness. Indeed, we have one another and our Most High God to join us on the journey." ~ Sherry Hubright, author, blogger, nana

“I appreciate that Human AND Holy strengthens Christian women in all walks of life – a growth opportunity for seasoned leaders and novice students of the Word.” ~ Katie Forbess, former missionary to Bolivia, mother of three

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