Praütes copyPraütes – a Greek word I was unfamiliar with recently and am still trying to grasp the full meaning of. According to Peter vanBreeman in As Bread That Is Broken (1974), it is a word that “can only be translated very inaccurately into English.” It’s more like the fruit of the Spirit that isn’t a list of nine qualities, but the combination of those qualities that embodies the Spirit itself and the qualities we have access to through the Spirit.

The translations of praütes that most resonated with me were the ones that described a “stillness of the heart” and one that “knows him/herself loved by God.” For me, those two things are very connected. I cannot attempt to manifest a stillness of the heart if I do not know myself loved by God and allow that and only that to define me.

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our spiritual healthSome days I get overwhelmed by all of the diet or supplement programs that my friends are promoting on Facebook. I rejoice with them in their weight loss and in finding what worked for them. However, there is no one plan that works the same for every single person. We are all different. We are unique. We cannot expect the same results for one person as for another.

The same concept applies to our spiritual diet. It is different for everyone. There are days in which I need to exercise my spiritual muscles in the Word. Or I am lacking in vitamin “P,” in need of extra prayer.

My mom was craving vegetables last week—probably a sign that her body needed one of those nutrients.

Spiritually speaking, we sometimes don’t know what we are craving, but there is a spiritual void that can only be filled by our Creator.
What element of your spiritual diet do you need an extra dose of today?

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chile eventTomorrow, we will be conducting a Ladies Day at the Providencia congregation in Santiago, Chile. Mackenzie, IRSM’s summer intern and I have already been in town a few days and are enjoying the opportunity to reconnect with women and develop new friendships with others. The teaching opportunities are a blessing and I can’t wait to connect with all of the visitors and Christian sisters from several congregations who will be in attendance tomorrow.
The topic we will be looking at is Delight! True delight and true joy can only be found in God, which will be our first discussion. We will then look at how God delights Himself in us and how we can delight ourselves in Him.

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Women Spiritual HealthWritten by Débora Rodrigo de Racancoj
My daughter has always been a very healthy little girl. Thankfully, we have had to go to the doctor with her only a few times. She almost never complains of stomachaches, headaches, earaches or any other ache. Even when she was a baby, I rarely heard the characteristic cry of pain as in the first few months of life.
On one occasion, I remember her playing with her hands, smiling and babbling happily as babies do when they are happy. As a mother, I could not resist caressing her face, and then I realized that her temperature was not normal; it was warmer than it should be. Immediately I put the thermometer on her, and she had a fever! How could she not complain and play merrily as if nothing was wrong?

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isolation edited 1God designed us to be in relationship, since we are made in his image.
God gave us his body, the church, as an opportunity to work together in community.
Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, no one is designed to live in isolation. A newborn baby dies without human contact. A teenager longs for a sense of belonging as much as she may push others away.
One of Satan’s most productive breeding grounds is to get us in isolation.

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