wise men seek wisdom“Of making books, there is no end, and much study wearies the body” (Ecc. 12:12b). This was always a popular quote during finals week among the college students. Their brains were on overload and there was no more room to cram more information.
When I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree from Harding University, having studied Communication Disorders and Spanish, I was ready to conquer the world. I thought I knew it all and that grad schools would be lining up to receive me. Those who promoted the idea of gaining a year or two of experience before entering grad school didn’t make sense to me. I remember naively thinking, “But I know it all now, fresh out of school.” I shudder to recall my prideful and ignorant thoughts.
However, grad school would wait since God had a different plan for my life and I proceeded to follow him into full-time ministry instead.
I soon learned that it is not about what you know, but how you apply it and your attitude toward learning.

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James 1 5

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practice what you preachWho marries 700 women, has 300 concubines, follows their foreign gods, and yet still constructs the most elaborate temple for Jehovah God? The same man who is known as “the Preacher,” the wisest and richest man to walk the earth (second only in wisdom to Christ, of course). Solomon.
As the book of Ecclesiastes confirms, Solomon denied himself nothing. And he paid for it dearly. He forgot his own admonition at the end of the book to fear God and keep his commands.

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proverbs y ecclesiastesFirst, I, Michelle, apologize to those who I confused with yesterday’s blog post. I hope you read to the end and appreciated the way in which I used creative license to keep you on your toes and share a new perspective.
With a continued focus on Solomon today, it is worthwhile to emphasize the ways in which Solomon imparted his wisdom to others. A concise summary of the book of Proverbs would be nearly impossible. An entire lesson could be drawn from each verse or proverb. The nuggets of truth and wisdom in the book of Proverbs provide insight into our relationship with God, dealings with one another, and other life lessons.

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solomon wise guyGrowing up knowing the history between mom and dad, I was unsure what my future would hold. Dad was a well-respected leader and had a special relationship with God, even though the way he and mom met was a definite low point in what many saw as a blameless life.
Dad repented and truly sought after God’s heart. And hearing all the promises that dad said would come about because he believed God’s Word was inspiring. However, it made me more nervous when one of those promises declared me the next king...

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